Our Philosophy


At Church Street Financial Management we use a common-sense philosophy about money to help our clients.  Six principles guide the decisions we make each day for planning and investing.

1. Reasonable, measurable and attainable goals should be defined before investing.  Investing money without first defining clear objectives is like constructing a house without a blueprint - risky at best.  Our focus is on every investment decison being made in accordance with your needs and goals.

2. Investment strategies should be personalized.  No single investment is right for everyone.  For an investment to be right for you, it should be designed to meet your unique objectives and be within your personal risk tolerance.

3. Managing risk is more important that chasing returns.  Our strategy includes dynamic risk-management aimed at combating the effects of financial, market-related, and economic reversals.

4. Improve net-return by minimizing fees and managing for tax efficiency.  We find many investors only look at total return and fail to consider the cost of fees and taxation.

5. Leverage multiple categories of investments rather than a few.  Having all of your wealth tied up in one type of investment, such as stocks, can be extremely risky.  We believe a well-rounded portfolio should include many different investments spread across multiple asset classes and regions of the globe.

6. Maintain discipline, think long-term and avoid fads.  We help you to maintain a solid footing by educating you about the most suitable investments for your own circumstances and how to distinguish real opportunities from dangerous fads.